This is not an innuendo, but....

Ok, I know. I have conversations that would make a normal person think I needed to be on heavy medication, or that I was on heavy medication, or maybe make them question their belief in a just and caring god. I watch cartoons for fun, and not just cartoons, foreign cartoons that aren't even in English. I am (even right now!) completely surrounded by literally thousands of recordings of classical music, many of which wouldn't be recognized as music by people that I talk to every day. I roll down the street playing Shostakovich and John Adams and Mahler at obnoxious levels. I actually like listening to Messaien. So I'm in absolutely no position to take any kind of viewpoint that questions how other people enjoy themselves.

But driving home from Ligonier last night, Lauren and I saw this license plate cover on a big blue pickup truck, and thought... what the hell?

You can buy it here!

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