Mini concert review and post-concert strangeness

So the AWCB had this gig on Monday at Friendship Village, which is a retirement community in the suburbs. I'm pretty sure the band outnumbered the audience, and it felt kind of like playing inside of a cardboard box, but they were definitely a receptive audience and we chose just the right music for them. (Playing selections from Annie was a much better choice than, say, Hazo's Ride.)

After the gig, we collected a small number of people to go out for fries and pie. Jon and I first met The Treasurer (loving nickname for a sectionmate) at a local restaurant and proceeded to sit down and order, not knowing how many would be joining us. We sat at a booth, with Jon and I sitting next to each other on one side, and The Treasurer sitting on the other side.

The waitress came over, took our orders, and then looked directly at Jon and asked "Will this be one check or two?"

...I have, apparently, been ruled out as a potential bill-payer by virtue of my gender and my seating location. I wonder if the waitress would have asked the same question if Jon and The Treasurer had been sitting on the same side.

Nevermind that the next time the waitress came by, Jon was making a completely facetious remark starting with "So I was at this strip club..."

Also, is that Mussorgsky I hear behind the cute kitten video?:


  1. I have never heard that arrangement of Pictures before, how odd. Now I want to know where it came from!

  2. All arrangements of Pictures should feature kittens from now on. New VftBR rule!